Saturday, October 08, 2005

Getting ready for SQL Server 2005

Well it’s not long now till RTM, in fact its 5 weeks or so to launch. Just enough time to go through the last CTP before November. I have downloaded the September CTP release from

After the download was complete I hurriedly installed the CTP on my laptop. Here are few comments on what I found with the latest CTP.

  • There are few changes in the User Interfaces here and there. So be prepared to look for the odd thing. Most of the UI changes are great at reducing the complexity of some areas. The main two I have noticed are Report Builder and SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Apps consolidation has also featured in this CTP. A lot of wizards have been moved to SQL Server Management Studio. So if you are looking for the Analysis Services upgrade wizard like me try the following:
  1. Connect to your AS2005 instance in to SQL Server Management Studio and right mouse click on the AS server icon in the object explorer.
  2. Select the Migrate Analysis Service database
  • Database mirroring one of my favourite features has been parked for a service pack. It is still available in RTM but will require some low level configuration and will not be supported. For more info see this article
  • This is the only CTP I have installed on my host OS and not a VPC. The only problem I have come across is development disconnected form the network. The problem is around connecting and browsing cubes. This results in an OLE DB error.
Well that’s about it for now. Over the next couple of posts I am going to cover some of the features I am really looking forward to.

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