Thursday, September 01, 2005

What I got out of TechED

Wow TechED is over, three days of sessions and two presentations of my own. It was a full on event for NZ IT scene.

Besides presenting at TechED I did get to a couple of sessions. Looking back at them I took something from each session, listed below are my thoughts.

BIN301- Cube Design in Analysis Services 2005 - Best Practice for Performance and Functionality - Richard Lees.

This was the only session on AS 2005 that I was able to attend this year. Richard covered the UDM in detail and gave us a run of all the client tools for AS 2005. The best was the review of the proactive caching for loading cubes and the use notification services for automation of cube processing.

The UDM really does have a large amount of features around query performance. Something I am going to look into in more detail on this blog at some stage.

BIN310 - SQL Server 2005: End-to-End Part 3 (Analyze and Act) - Thierry D'Hers

It was great to get to meet Thierry. I spent a bit of time with him on is brief say here in NZ. His insight into the direction of the MS BI platform was very informative. Thierry’s session reviewed all the SQL 2005 features with a take on MS direction for the product range.

DBA313 - Architecting a Large Scale Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2005 - Doug Barrett

Doug took us threw some of the key DW features for creating a DW on SQL 2005. The session was more of a traditional approach to DW architecture. He cover table partitions and loading with SSIS packages.

I realy feel that any new BI projects on the MS platfrom will be based around the UDM.

Microsoft is going to post all TechED presentations on their NZ site latter this month. I will post a link to these sessions on blog.

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