Monday, September 26, 2005

This Blog is dedicated to Jim

Who rightly points out I have not blogged in weeks, it’s not been from the lack of wanting to put something down, and I have just been a bit busy with work.

So Jim sits next to me at work in a completely unrelated field of mobility. And seeing how Jim does not work with BI systems, I thought it would be good to have a look at the features that SQL Server 2005 has for Mobile applications. While I am at I will put a blog about it.

First off there are no direct BI features for SQL Mobile applications. In fact there are none. Accept for the standard Reporting Services web services that can be customized.

So what are the Mobility Features?

First off a new DB that replaces SQL CE. SQL Management Studio is a single point for maintaining and developing SQL Mobile databases. There is full integration with Visual Studio. It’s a huge improvement over CE.

Product Overview Getting Started

Development Centre for SQL Mobile

Well I know that’s a bit short and sweet, next post I will have a bit more of a BI favour.


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Jim said...

Seems that leaving comments is not popular... hopefully that changes!

As Myles pointed out in this post that I am a mobility guy, so what I would really like to know is are there BI principles that I can apply to mobile applications?! (or should this only be performed on the server!?))

Interested in comments from other blog readers (or Myles if you feel up to another blog so soon).