Friday, June 10, 2005

SQL Server 2005 - Formally Known as Yukon

Ok it’s been along wait; in fact it’s been a very long wait. To be truthful when I joined the Yukon Beta 1 program in the UK, I knew Yukon was special. SQL Server 2005 is jammed packed with new features with a large number around Business Intelligence.

SQL Server 2005 is the first major release of the SQL server product line since SQL server 2000. Microsoft has reviewed the editions of SQL Server to provide cost effective solutions. Have a look at the following new editions for SQL Server 2005.

SQL Server 2005 Features Comparison

SQL Server 2005 is the only platform to offer end to end BI. From Extract, Transform, Load processes with Integration Services through to Information Delivery with Reporting Services and Report Builder. Not only will my development time decrease I will be able to deliver a cost effective solution without having to integrate multiple vendor products.

I have put together are few links to help you get started.

Get Ready for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 – Business Intelligence

SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Web Casts

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