Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hello World

Hello All

Welcome to my small part of the web. I have started this blog to share my thoughts on Business Intelligence and its applications using Microsoft Technologies primarily SQL server, and of course anything else that interest me.

But first a bit about me.....

I have been working in the field of Business Intelligence for the last seven years. During that time I have worked in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. My focus has been delivering BI solutions using SQL Server 2000. I have completed numerous projects across multiple industries. I am currently living back in New Zealand leading BI projects in Auckland.

Mainly I hope to tie all the key web resources I use and publish my thoughts on the direction I am taking. Of course I want to hear what you are doing. I guess that’s the great thing about blogging everyone can have a say.

So stay tuned,


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Mike said...

Hello Myles!

I'm tech-ignorant, but want to wish you happy blogging just the same.