Thursday, August 03, 2006

SQL Server Versions

I have lost count the number of times I go searching for the patch level or version number in SQL.

This was something I did all the time with SQL 2000. It all started when SP 2 came out. We started to get issues with dts packages that were developed on SP1 and then run SP2. The problem was the package format changed between versions. Hence the question what version I am really running?

Why have I brought this up you may ask? Because now that we have SP1 for SQL Server 2005 and the rollup hotfix. We now have three versions of SQL Server 2005 that are in support by Microsoft.

How Do I get the Version of SQL Server?
The easiest and most reliable is the T-SQL Statement below:

SELECT @@Version

There are of course lots of other methods but I prefer T-SQL. This works for SQL 7 and above. The statement returns the SQL Server edition, version, OS and OS Patch number, and the most important the SQL Build Number for Sqlservr.exe.

The build number will tell you the patch level of your SQL Server.

Build Numbers for SQL Server 2005

Other Build versions
There are heaps of sources for this information. Listed below are some helpful links for earlier versions of SQL Server and software update naming conventions.

How to identify your SQL Server version and edition

New naming schema for Microsoft SQL Server software update packages

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