Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Free Tools that have made my SQL life a bit better

I normally don’t recommend tools on this blog. But over last month I have been working with couple of tools that are worth a mention.

The first tool on the list is SQL Prompt by Red-Gate. I have been a fan of red gate bloggers for a while now at
http://www.simple-talk.com/. SQL Prompt is without a doubt one of the most useful ad-ins for SQL Management Studio and Query Analyzer. This little tool is Intellisense for SQL Server. This tool dynamically looks up common functions and syntax as you type. It’s a free download until September 2006.

Check out:
SQL Prompt

The second tool was recommended to me by
Chris Webb. It’s a replacement for SQL Manager for stoping and starting all of SQL Server 2000/2005 services created by Jasper Smith at SQLDBA.com

Check out:
SQL Manager

The last tool on my list is a new migration script by Marco Russo. If you were like me and followed the DTS best practices guide that MS put out and used UDL data sources. You will find that are unable to migrate your DTS packages. Marco has put together a great tool for converting UDL and other DTS objects that do not migrate.

Check out:
A tool to improve DTS to SSIS migration

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Myles,

Good to see that you are 'back' on-line and have tried the SQL Prompt and it's GREAT (from the 1 minute that I have used to date).

Whilst anyone on this site will be already on SQL Server 2009, you do need at least MDAC 2.8 to install this tool (I am still on 2000. Build a bridge, get over it).

Also includes support for code snippits! GO SSF!!!!

Thanks Myles.