Friday, August 12, 2005

What I am going to see at TechEd 05

Hello All,

Well its 17 days out to New Zealand TechEd 05 and I can’t wait.

I know I have not blogged for a long while. This is due to work commitments and TechEd prep. I am still in the middle of a large Data warehouse project. It’s been running for the last 8 months and nearing completion.

There are a few TechEd sessions I am really looking forward to seeing. I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you. Below are the key sessions I don’t want to miss.

  • BIN303 - Exploiting Data Mining in SQL Server 2005 - Richard Lees
  • BIN304 - SQL Server Integration Services: Deploying, Managing and Loading a Data Warehouse - Tony Bain
  • BIN310 - SQL Server 2005: End-to-End Part 3 (Analyze and Act) - Thierry D'Hers
  • DBA313 - Architecting a Large Scale Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2005 - Doug Barrett

I haven’t listed the times here as the schedule may change for the latest TechEd schedule see:

Bye for now.


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